Surveylink Services

Surveylink is a robust infrastructure platform developed by Certus Knowledge to allow companies to collect data from groups as small as a few hundred to as large as a few million. The Surveylink system is comprised of four main services, outlined below. These services can be used together or independently depending on client needs.

Surveylink Survey

Surveylink is the most powerful data collection tool available.

Unlike web-based survey tools, Surveylink is a complete turn-key business intelligence solution. Clients choose Surveylink because they do not have the time, budget or dedicated personnel to conduct research on their own. Surveylink helps by providing research and marketing professionals to manage all aspects of system development, deployment and analysis. Clients do not need any research or programming experience to conduct accurate, meaningful research.

Surveylink has answered to more than a billion questions. The Surveylink system and answer module have been thoroughly tested in real world applications and proven reliable and accurate in any situation.

With large repository of question types, a standard Surveylink survey easily satisfies the requirements of most clients. However, if unusual or unique question formatting is required, Surveylink is easily customized to fit any need.

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Surveylink Mail

Surveylink Mail is the most trackable e-mail system ever developed.

Often, e-mail is used to inform and solicit response from a specific audience. Surveylink Mail allows clients to send personalized e-mail messages to large groups of users and track a variety of data, including:

  • Who the message was sent to
  • If the message was received
  • If the message was opened
  • If the message generated a bounce
  • How many times the message was opened
  • What action was taken as a result of the message
  • How many times various actions were taken as a result of the message
  • Capture up to 20 embedded client defined fields
  • Customize message content for each recipient based on a client defined database
  • Provide unique QR codes for every message to extend the reach of the e-mail
Surveylink Mail also sends periodic reminder messages to users who have not previously taken a specific action based on the original e-mail request.

Surveylink Mail may be used to solicit responses for a Surveylink Survey, or as a sophisticated e-mail tracking tool for any e-mail communication.

Surveylink Solicitation

Surveylink Solicitations are the most efficient way to elicit participation in a program.

Large franchise organizations often develop programs and opportunities for their franchisees. Typically the franchisee has the option to participate in the program or not. Surveylink Solicitations manage the entire solicitation process, including development of the database, presenting the opportunity, collecting franchisee response and following up with any franchisees that do not respond to the solicitation.

Like all Surveylink services, Surveylink Solicitations are turn-key and managed by real people you can talk to. A typical solicitation sends communication to the franchisees to alert them to the opportunity and ask them if they want to participate. The system is configured to follow-up with each franchisee until they respond. When a franchisee responds, they may also be presented with additional questions to better define their level of participation.

All data collected by a Surveylink Solicitation is available through the Surveylink Answer Module in real-time. Results may be analyzed on-screen in Surveylink, or exported for use in other applications.

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Surveylink Direct

Surveylink Direct is the fastest and most accurate way to build an actionable consumer database.

Successful companies listen to consumers, then give them what they want. It is often overlooked, but the best way to do this is to simply ask the consumer what they want and provide meaningful, relevant communication back to them.

Asking is the easy part of building an actionable consumer database. Knowing what to do with the responses is where things get complicated, and that is where Surveylink Direct makes things simple.

Surveylink Direct is used to ask consumers what they want, store those preferences in a data warehouse, then immediately provide relevant, actionable information on screen or via personalized e-mail to the consumer. In addition to the instant response, Surveylink Direct also stores all user preferences and allows clients to easily generate direct mailing lists to alert consumers when something new is available.

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